[ENG SUB] Our Skyy

EP 1: Pik Rome

EP 2: Inn Sun

EP 4: Pete Kao

EP 5: Kongpop Arthit

  • Watch/Download: Link

Subbing requires timeeffort and dedication. Please do not re-upload my subs anywhere else. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

7 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Our Skyy

  1. omg. first off all: you’re my saviour. I was already shocked because you subbed ”He’s Coming to me” but now youre DOUBLE shocking me. like forreal, I was looking MONTHS and EVERYWHERE for the mini series and I was casually searching for your site again to see if you’ve uploaded something new. and bam, my heart literally dropped. Im seriously so thankful. Your work really amazes me, I can’t thank you enough. Just imagine me hugging you now hahaha


  2. Ah, a shame. I really liked Episode 3. It was like the producers saying that they were sorry the way the series ended so let’s make up for it to our fans.


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