I Need Your Feedback

I am aware that the current site that I’m using is giving a hard time to some of my followers. Also, I no longer provide a download link as a way to prevent other people stealing my sub works. As of now, there not a lot of streaming site that are working and still online. I’m still looking for the best site for streaming.

As for the download, I’m not entirely sure whether to provide them or not. However, some of you guys did suggested to me to launch some sort of a crowd funding site. This way, I may be able to provide my orginal HD video links to my supporters and possibly even my copy of the softsubs.

But, a crowd funding is a lot to ask and it’s quite heavy for most. So, I want you guys opinion and feedback on this.

Should I launch a crowd funding site to provide the HD quality of my video? While still provide a streaming links free but with lesser quality.

Or should I just stick with my current way of only providing streaming links?


A few weeks back, I told you guys that I stop subbing. I’ve received all kinds of response. However, most of them were positive. Many of you guys express your understanding and give good morale support. While I do receive negative and offensive response but the positive outweigh the negative.

And so, for all my supportive, kind and awesome followers. I have thought this through and I DECIDE TO CONTINUE SUBBING!!!! YES! I also want to thank you to all my followers in here or in my Instagram for showing love, understanding and endless support. I hope I still have your support moving forward.

I hope that for all that happened, the whole stealing things will not happen again. I really enjoy subbing and I love all my followers. I’m just doing what I can for the Inter-fans to enjoy Thai BL series. I hope those people that did the whole stealing will stop doing it. Please just share my links and NOT RE-UPLOAD THEM. Similar to when the official site already put subtitle, just share their links and not re-upload them. This is how we show support to the production team.

I will upload With Love the Series EP 13 tomorrow and the rest a bit later. Be sure to look forward to that.

Peace all.


To all my followers, I have sad news. I have decided to stop subbing With Love The Series. I have noticed too many sites that re-upload my subbed works to their own channels. A site call Winspedia has been re-uploaded my subs in their sites and channels like Hompans Yaban (Youtube), King Joao (Youtube) and Thai4uChannel (Dailymotion) has been using Winspedia links to download and posted the video in their respective channel.

Their site got like 38k views. Yes, I know my site is quite difficult to access because of the ads. Am I suppose to do a crowd funding for subs, come on. These people of course can posted them in Youtube because they aren’t the one who sub the series. It wasn’t them who spends hours and hours in front of a computer working on the timing, editing and encoding those videos.

I am so sorry for this guys. I hope those people who came to my site, stealing my works will be aware of this post. I have already subbed until EP 12 and I will stop there. For those who supporting me and even helped me translating the Korean parts, I can’t thank you enough. It’s been a fun and educational ride for me and thank you so much for those who keeps supporting me, notified me of any work stealing and reported any broken links. Thank you all.

P/S: I was planning on subbing Roop Thong/Golden full episode and even finished EP 1. But, seeing people stealing my With Love the Series sub, they will do the same if I continue with Roop Thong.

That is all from me. It’s hard for me to do this, but I was too frustrated. I spend hours on even one episode and I still have my job that I need to worry about. Enough is enough.

VeryStream is down!!!

I’ve been using Verystream to upload my videos for streaming part. Unfortunately, the site is already brought down. I will find an alternative site to resolve this issue. I will update you guys on the new site. As of now, please use the Download link to watch my subbed videos.

I apologize for the inconvenience.