[ENG SUBS] With Love The Series EP 11 & 12

EP 11

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EP 12

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Subbing requires timeeffort and dedication. Please DO NOT re-upload my subs anywhere else. Thank you for your understanding and support.

I would like to thank 쿄쿄Kyokyo for helping me translate the Korean speaking part in EP 11. I really appreciate your kindness and willingness to help me translating the Korean part. It really ease me up in subbing EP 11. Thank you so much, God bless you.

Gcinee stole my With Love The Series Subs (EP 5 & 6)

It is come to my attention that a well-known BL site known as “Gcinee” have stolen my With Love The Series sub work.

While I am aware that I do not own the rights of the series, but I wanted to help international fans understand and enjoy Thai BL series.

Knowing these kind things happen might discouraged me for doing anymore subs. I would like to ask you guys to help spread the word of this site misdeed. It is shameless and unethical for them to blatantly stole other people’s work.

I’m not entirely forbid people to share clips of my sub while linking the full video to my site. Some people in Youtube and Instagram already done that and I thank them for that.

I may only sub some of Thai BL series but it took a lot of my time to give the best sub. If I can share the official links with English sub, I would do so like The Effect The Series and TharnType The Series.

Hope you guys can keep support me and tell others to visit my site for my subbed contents. It encourages me to keep doing sub if my work is appreciated. Thank you.